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Hoya Gracilis Hanging Basket

Hoya Gracilis Hanging Basket

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The Hoya Gracilis (a.k.a. Hoya Memoria) is a beautiful vining epiphytic hoya with silver speckled leaves and raspberry colored leaves, native to Indonesia. They are relatively easy to care for, and moderately easy to bloom.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight is ideal, they will be ok in medium too, but you want it as bright as possible to encourage blooming. No direct midday sun, but they can be ok with some direct early morning or late afternoon sun, a little bit of direct sun can help to encourage flowering.

Watering: Check the soil each week but only water it if the soil is dry or almost dry. They really do not want to sit in wet soil, root rot is the biggest killer of hoyas. They have not developed to grow in soil, they grow in tree bark in the wild, so planting them in normal soil can lead to root rot very quickly if you water it too much.

 are not toxic to pets.

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