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Horsetail plant

Horsetail plant

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Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale)—also called rough horsetail or scouring rush—is a non-flowering evergreen perennial. It has vertical green stems with horizontal bands similar to bamboo, but they're skinnier and taller like ornamental grass. Similar to ferns, horsetail reproduces through spores rather than seeds, as well as underground rhizomes.

Light: Horsetail is extremely adaptable to various light levels, growing in every condition, from full sun to partial shade. That being said, it prefers filtered shade, such as that found on the forest floor beneath tall trees.

Watering: When it comes to soil moisture, horsetail prefers soil that is at least moderately wet. It can even grow in standing water up to a depth of about four inches. Thus, it's well-suited for rain gardens and other areas that may periodically flood. Because of this love of water and moist soil, horsetail should be watered frequently and never allowed to dry out. In warmer climates, this can even mean watering daily.

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