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Hemionitis arifolia - Heart Fern

Hemionitis arifolia - Heart Fern

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Hemionitis arifolia is truly one for the romantics. The shiny, deep green leaves of this fern grow in perfectly heart-shaped patterns, earning it the name of “Heart Leaf Fern.”The almost fuzzy black stems contrast the sweet, delicate hearts, helping it boldly stand out from the rest of the fern community.This plant is known to thrive in terrarium settings due to its love of moisture and high humidity. 

Light: Medium to bright indirect dappled light will bring out the best in your Heart Ferns (picture them under a thick canopy of trees on a sunny day). Avoid direct sunlight, especially in the summer when the sun's rays are intense! The less light your ferns receive, the slower they will grow, and they may become leggy and thin. If you see this happening, immediately relocate them to a brighter spot! 

Watering: Hemionitis arifolia needs constant moisture, but don't let them sit in standing water; you will regret it!  More importantly, do not neglect to water your Heart Ferns because the require consistently moist soil. Try this little trick if you are unsure how often to water them. Water frequently, but lightly. Instead of soaking your Heart Fern once a week or whenever you water your plants, give them a little bit every few days, or just enough to keep the soil moist but not soggy. If the watering riddle still has you scratching your head, consider planting your ferns into self-watering planters, and don't forget to fill the planters when they dry out! The onus falls on you to ensure that their delicate fronds get the water they need to frond on!

The Heart Fern non-toxic to pets! 

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