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Haworthia fasciata, Zebra Plant

Haworthia fasciata, Zebra Plant

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Haworthia fasciata or also called as Zebra Plant are delicately small succulent houseplants, reaching up to 5 to 8-inches only in height. They have thick, dark green leaves with bumps of white tubercles on the outer surface, and are clustered together giving it a “Zebra” effect.

Furthermore, Zebra plants don’t need much effort when it comes to watering, as then can still survive even without one for many weeks. They also look exceptionally beautiful in unusual containers or interesting soil mixes, making them perfect for any indoor spaces!

Light: Unlike any other succulents, Zebra plants do well even in medium and low light conditions, which is usually found in an indoor setting. But if you want to bring out its stunning red and orange pigments, display them in a spot where they can get as much natural light as possible, like a south or east-facing windowsill.

If grown outdoors, find a location where your Zebra plant can enjoy at least 4 to 6 hours of bright light but no direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon. They have very sensitive leaves, and exposing them to direct light will most likely lead them to get dry tips, which is their way of telling you that they are receiving too much sunlight.

Watering: To provide them just the right amount they need, water your Zebra Plant generously until it comes out of the container's drainage holes, throwing away any excess that was collected on the pot’s saucer, as they hate sitting in the wet for too long. Then, allow the soil to dry out completely before giving it another drink. You can use a moisture meter to check or by sticking your finger in the soil to the second knuckle. If it feels dry, then it is time to give your Zebra Plant a good drink.

Haworthia Fasciata is generally regarded as pet safe for common pets such as dogs and cats. 

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