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Foxtail Fern

Foxtail Fern

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Foxtail ferns are not really ferns, as they’re multiplied from seeds and produce no spores. The common name likely came from the clumping habit of the plant that is similar to that of a fern. Foxtail asparagus ferns have an unusual, symmetrical look. These fern-like plants have arching plumes of tightly packed, needle-like leaves that look soft and delicate. Foxtail fern plants bloom with white flowers and produce red berries. The plants appear fragile and may cause gardeners to shy away from them, expecting difficult and extensive care of foxtail fern.

Light: Foxtail fern prefers soft light and likes to be planted in areas with filtered shade. A little morning sun is fine, just be sure your plant receives protection in the bright, hot afternoon. Indoors, place foxtail fern in bright, indirect light. Too much strong light will burn the leaves.

Watering: Thoroughly water your foxtail fern, but be sure to let the top 3 inches of soil dry out completely in between waterings. Always allow for ample drainage when watering potted plants, and never let water sit in the tray.


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