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Fishhooks Senecio

Fishhooks Senecio

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If you’re looking for an easy to grow trailing succulent, look no further! A Fishhooks Senecio otherwise knows as a String of Fishhooks is the perfect plant for you. Whether you keep it inside year round or let it hang outside during warmer months, this beautiful plant will keep trailing and trailing with ease.

Caring for a String of Fishhooks is very simple and similar to most other succulent plant care. 

Light: Your String of Fishhooks loves and needs a lot of bright indirect light. Putting this in a west window or south window is perfect. During the winter I personally have mine on the window ledge in our bedroom that faces south and it is so happy with all of the nice bright light it gets.

Watering: Like the majority of succulents, this beautiful indoor plant holds water in its tendrils. That’s what makes them so hardy.

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