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Ficus "Tineke" Rubber Tree

Ficus "Tineke" Rubber Tree

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Ficus Tineke is a select variety of Ficus elasticaand one of the ‘new’ highly variegated rubber plants on the market. Elastica originates from India and Indonesia. Ficus Tineke produces glossy variegated leaves reaching up to 12″ inches long and 5″ inches wide. Tineke displays striking variegated cream to almost white and green leaves. Some suggest the leaf color looks almost like watercolor.

It's totallbeginner-friendly and easy to care for. It is also, however, toxic to humans1 and pets,2 much like other members of the ficus family, so keep that in mind before you bring one home. Thankfully, the ficus Tineke is a relatively low-maintenance houseplant. If you give it the correct placement and water, chances are, it will thrive.

Light: The Tineke gets its gorgeous colors from living in bright lighting conditions. But too much light, like sun from a south- or west-facing window, can actually scorch the leaves, so be sure to place it a couple of feet away from the window to keep that from happening. Placing it directly in an east-facing window is great.

Watering: These plants like having slightly moist soil, but it's always better to under-water than overwater. Giving your plant too much water can cause root rot, which can be hard to fix. Always be sure to check the soil moisture with your finger or a soil probe before giving it a drink. When it's time to water, the top two to three inches should be relatively dry. This means you should water it just about once a week, but every plant is different.

Pro Tip:  Avoid getting water on the leaves when you give your plant a drink, as it can stain the leaves.

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