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Ficus Retusa Bonsai

Ficus Retusa Bonsai

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Ficus Retusa, also called the Banyan Tree, is a large, broad-headed, evergreen tree that is popularly used in streetscapes and as a Bonsai for indoor cultivation. Native to the Malay Archipelago region, this tree may grow up to 33′ tall in its natural environment and produces small fig-like fruit. Ficus Retusa is a part of the mulberry family. These trees are long-living and may live to be over 100 years old. For gardeners looking to take on the challenge of caring for a bonsai, Ficus Retusa will be the perfect bonsai to begin with.

When grown as a bonsai, this little tree will stay small and although very old, will often be smaller than 24”.

Care:Best Ficus Retusa care requires some time outdoors during warm weather as this plant utilizes its lenticels for gaseous exchange through its bark. Ficus Retusa, when grown as a bonsai, it should have a soil mix indicated for bonsais rich in organic matter. This soil should be replaced every two years or so when repotting. Ensure that your soil is well-draining and that your container has drainage holes.  When container-grown indoors, you should fertilize your bonsai twice a year using either slow-release fertilizer pellets in spring and autumn or a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during the growing season. Fertilizer will ensure that this plant is receiving a good supply of nutrients to thrive and grow well. Do not fertilize this plant in winter. 

Watering: Bonsai Ficus Retusa, when grown indoors, does not need to be watered frequently and should only be rewatered when the soil is dry. Take care not to overwater your tree, as overwatering will lead to leaf drop. This plant enjoys being misted with a mist sprayer regularly but be sure to not provide this plant with excess water. 

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