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Ficus Belize

Ficus Belize

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Ficus Elastica Belize is a beautiful tree species that have million-dollar looks. It produces oval, glossy, leathery, green leaves flushed with pink and cream camouflage-style variegation. A fascinating focal point in your home, the Ficus Elastica Belize variegated Rubber tree is sure to be much admired by any visitor. Fresh from the covers of style magazines, its decorative leaves and beautiful looks will complement any room.

Light: Variegated Ficus likes bright but indirect light and warm temperatures. If you put it in too much sun the leaves may curl and burn, if you see this then move it into more indirect light and it will recover.

Watering: Water only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry to the touch, do not overwater.  It is better to soak the plant through and leave until it dries out again. This plant also enjoys misting and regular dusting.

Rubber plants are toxic to pets.


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