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Fern Leaf Cactus, Selenicereus Chrysocardium

Fern Leaf Cactus, Selenicereus Chrysocardium

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Despite appearances, Selenicereus chrysocardium is indeed a cactus! The long stems of this epiphytic species are broad, flat, and deeply crenated, giving it a superficial resemblance to a fern. It is a cousin to the more common rick rack cactus (S. anthonyanus), but S. chrysocardium grows much larger, with stems up to 12 inches wide! The species name, chrysocardium, means "golden heart" and is named for the dense cluster of golden stamens at the center of its enormous white (and very fragrant) flowers. This tropical cactus will grow best in bright, dappled light and with a little extra humidity.

The Fern leaf Cactus otherwise known as a fern leaf orchid cactus or a Selenicereus chrysocardium, is an epiphytic jungle cactus from Mexico. The “leaves” (which are really stems) grow up and out, draping down over the side of a pot and creating a stunning visual.

Light: Selenicereus will grow well in shade to part sun locations. Mine is hanging off a peach tree, so it gets very little direct sun in summer, but more in winter. Too much sun will make its (fake) leaves turn yellow.

Watering: Don’t be too zealous with the water – selenicereus is a cactus after all. Water weekly in summer and when you remember in winter. Always wait until the potting mix/soil has dried out completely before watering again – they don’t like being drowned!


This plant is well established and comes in a 8" hanging basket, as seen on the picture!

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