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Fatsia Spider Web

Fatsia Spider Web

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Fatsia spider web is an evergreen shrub that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is popular for producing large, palmate, green leaves decorated with heavy white variegation. These markings change with age and season, making it a unique plant to observe throughout the year. This hardy plant readily adapts to changes in environment and is easy to move indoors or outdoors depending on the season. Fatsia spider web produces round clusters of petite white flowers in fall followed by small black berries. 

These shrubs require partial to full shade outdoors, and bright, indirect natural light indoors. Consistent soil moisture levels, moderate temperatures, and high humidity contribute to the best growing environment. When given the right conditions, these plants add a tall, unique specimen to your indoor plant collection or outdoor garden.

Light:  These shrubs thrive in partially to fully shaded areas. Too much sunlight can burn the leaves, so protect outdoor plants from harsh sunlight. When potted indoors, place them in bright, indirect light, such as near an east-facing window. Do not place them in a very sunny window. 

Watering: Fatsia spider web plants require consistent moisture. However, upsetting the balance with soggy soil or very dry soil will spell disaster. Keep a close eye on the soil and when the top several inches feel dry, water the plant and allow excess water to drain away. Wait until the soil begins to dry out before watering again. How often you will need to water depends on the soil mix and humidity levels. 


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