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Farfugium Firefly, Leopard Plant

Farfugium Firefly, Leopard Plant

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Leopard plant is an evergreen, clump-forming perennial (about up to 2 ft tall and leaves reaching 6 to 10 inches wide) that is widely sought for use in landscapes and containers. This somewhat under-utilized plant offers both stunning glossy foliage and bright yellow flowers (similar to daisies) in the fall. The blurred spots give the plant the name of Leopard Plant. In other countries it is also known as “bleach plant” because of the resemblance with fabrics that have gotten stained by bleach with the characteristic blurred borders and yellow stain, sometimes little brown in the center. Leopard plant shares part of its name with Tractor´seat plant usually known as farfugium japonicum.

Light: Mostly shade but they also do well with morning or late afternoon sun. Full sun will scorch their leaves.

Watering: Keep well-watered.


Ceramic pot does not come with the plant!

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