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Devil's Backbone, Zigzag Plant

Devil's Backbone, Zigzag Plant

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Despite its common name, devil's backbackbone (also called zigzag plant) is a joy to grow. If you have a bright spot, it's a wonderfully easy-to-grow houseplant, purifying the air and adding a dose of drama to indoor decor. Devil's backbone holds up to dry conditions well, so it'll survive if you forget to water it every now and again (or can't water it due to travel or other busy schedules). Devil's backbone earned its common names because the interesting pattern the stems make as they grow.

Devil's backbone is a dramatic upright houseplant that looks beautiful in a tall, upright planter to accent its shape. Containers that have a chevron or zigzag design can also be wonderfully effective for showing it off as they highlight the stems' interesting shapes.

Light: Keep your potted plant near a window that receives indirect sunlight or partial shade. Avoid too much direct sunlight, which will scorch the leaves.

Watering: The devil's backbone plant thrives in evenly moist soil, but you should not overwater the plant—too much water will lead to root rot or discolored, yellow leaves. If you live in a dry region, you can consider misting the leaves weekly to help keep the plant hydrated.

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