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Curly Leaf Ligustrum

Curly Leaf Ligustrum

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The Curly Leaf Ligustrum offers an exciting evergreen option for your landscape. Like a snowflake, no two Curly Leaf Ligustrums look just alike. This shrub isn't for the cookie cutter home owner. It is for the artist, the rock star, the sky diving accountant - the creative risk taker who wants to express themselves in their home and garden.

This compact shrub has dark green, thick, shiny, curved leaves that are almost reminiscent of a jade plant. White bud clusters pop open up in summer revealing delicate white blooms. The Dwarf Curly Leaf Privet tends toward a narrow, upright shape rather than a bush. And with a 3 foot width and 5 feet height at maturity the Curly Leaf Ligustrum fits in anywhere.

Hardy and easy to grow the Curly Leaf Privet is deer, pollution, and salt tolerant. It is also pest and disease resistant. Once your Ligustrum is established it is heat and drought tolerant. This evergreen prefers warmer climates, but cooler climates can experience the distinction of this fun shrub as a patio plant. Plant in a container and simply move it inside in winter.

Be yourself with the beautiful and cool Curly Leaf Ligustrum! Order yours today. They sell out fast!

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