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Creeping Rosemary Hanging Basket

Creeping Rosemary Hanging Basket

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Creeping rosemary, known by the scientific name Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus’ or the common name prostrate rosemary, is a dense and low-growing evergreen shrub. Creeping rosemary is a trailing rosemary plant with pale blue flowers and dark green needles. Due to its dense growth habits, creeping rosemary is often used as a ground cover plant in rock gardens, but it is also commonly grown in hanging baskets or over retaining walls. The rosemary species includes many semi-woody/tender perennial herbs with needle-shaped leaves indigenous to Asia and the Mediterranean Basin. A member of the mint family, the herb can add flavor to roasted dishes like chicken, roasted vegetables, and bread.

Light: Creeping rosemary grows best when planted in a location that receives full sun. If grown indoors, try to place your creeping rosemary near a south-facing window that provides plenty of sun.

Watering: Watering Water a mature plant only a few times a week. While new plants require almost daily watering, you should only water mature creeping rosemary once or twice a week. They are relatively drought tolerant and do not require much water, so be careful not to waterlog the soil.

Harvesting: Rosemary oils are at their flavor peak immediately before the plant blooms. When harvesting rosemary, cut off the desired amount of sprigs and hang them upside down to dry in a cool, dark place. Once dry, strip the sprigs of their needles by pulling them between your pinched fingertips. Store the needles whole to maintain flavor and only chop them once you're ready to use them in a meal.

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