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Cordyline Red Sister

Cordyline Red Sister

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From the Cordyline plant family of which there are many varieties you’ll find also Cordyline Fruticosa, and a sport named Cordyline Red Sister. It is an evergreen plant with stunning foliage, which makes a bold statement in any garden.  

The plant belongs to the family of Asparagaceae and is native to Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and eastern Australia. 

The leaves are around 12” to 30” inches long and 4” to 6” inches wide. 

The red sister plants grow around 4’ to 6’ feet in ideal conditions.

Light: As a houseplant, the Cordyline fruticosa Plant thrives well under bright light. The more light it receives, the more vivid the foliage will be. Providing it with southern or eastern sun exposure is best, but it also tolerates partial shade. It fares well in full sun when planted outdoors but needs protection from the wind.If the sun is too harsh, it is best to place the plant under partial shade to avoid direct sunlight; otherwise, its leaves might burn. 

Watering: This plant needs regular watering as it prefers to grow in moist soil. However, it is optimal to let the soil dry out slightly before watering. Avoid overwatering the plant. Fertilize the plant every three months.Feed the indoor plants with half-strength liquid fertilizer and provide outdoor plants with a slow-release fertilizer.

Pro Tips: Avoid overhead watering as it may promote leaf diseases. Cordyline Red Sister requires protection in freezing temperatures. Don’t cut back the stems damaged due to the cold until you see new growth emerging in the spring season.

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