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Calathea 'Vittata'

Calathea 'Vittata'

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Calathea of all stripes are eye-catching, but the delicate white banding on Calathea 'Vittata' is particularly striking as it appears almost hand-painted. Like most members of the Marantaceae or "Prayer Plant" family, Calathea 'Vittata' has a habit of opening and closing its leaves as day transitions to night. It's leaves are a stunning reminder of the beauty of the natural world. Fortunately, it also makes an easy-care houseplant.

Light: Medium to bright, indirect light
Watering: Water when the top 1" of soil feels dry

Pro Tip: Like most Calathea, the Vittatta does not like to dry out completely. High humidity and persistent watering will help this plant thrive. 

Like other Calathea varieties, the Calathea Vittata is non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets.

Ceramic planter does not come with the plant, but can be purchased separately. 

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