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Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion'

Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion'

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With its beautiful white, green, and mauve tones, the Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion' is a stunning addition to any indoor garden collection. Reaching a fairly large size, this space filler is a moderately easy care Calathea to grow and is also known as the Rose Painted/ Medallion Calathea thanks to its beautiful painted leaf appearance.

Calatheas are often referred to as prayer plants thanks to the fact that the leaves move up and down throughout the day, in of themselves. During daylight hours, the leaves will often lay flat, allowing the plant to benefit from the maximum possible amount of light.

During nighttime, the leaves will point upwards. This means that the plant is referred to as photophilic and are given the nickname ‘prayer plants’ on account of their up and down movement. If the plant does not receive enough humidity, then the leaves will curl inwards and will require higher humidity levels.

Light: Place your Calathea Medallion in an area where the sun doesn't shine too much, like in your bathroom or kitchen, where the sunlight is just enough to keep your plant alive.

Watering: It's recommended to create a regular watering schedule to keep your Calathea Medallion's soil moist. However, avoid soaking its soil in water. Also, keep in mind that this is not a drought-tolerant indoor plant. It can thrive if you missed to water it from time to time, but it will slowly die if you don't water it properly.

Good news because Calathea Medallion is a non-toxic plant to humans and pets. However, it's tasty, so protect them from your pets.

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