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Calathea Burle Marxii

Calathea Burle Marxii

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The Calathea Burle Marx is a beautiful houseplant that features long oval shaped leaves with stunning V-shaped stripes.

The alternating light and dark green colors make it a very popular plant because it will instantly catch your attention.

Light: Ctenanthe Burle Marxii plant prefers shade. Do not place this plant in direct sunlight, as the bright rays can scorch the leaves. If growing the plant outdoors, find a spot with some morning or late day sun. When grown indoors, consider placing it in a room with an eastern-facing window with bright indirect light.

Watering: Regular watering is needed, even during the winter. Water regularly during the warmer months while relying on rainwater whenever possible. In the winter, keep the soil moist. Do not overwater. Excess water leads to root rot.



The plant is non-toxic to humans and animals. 


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