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Boston Fern

Boston Fern

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Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), also known as sword fern, is a popular fern species that grows in many tropical areas around the world. In North America, it is considered a classic houseplant and is easy to care for, as it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight. Outdoors, this plant thrives in swampy, humid, and forested areas, and makes a good choice for partial-shade gardens in places like Southern California or Florida. Its sword-shaped, blue-green foliage contains tiny leaflets and grows erect, arching only when fronds grow larger. Like several other fern species, Boston fern is a slow grower and is best planted outdoors in the fall or spring or indoors year-round.

Light: Boston fern does best when grown in a location with bright, indirect light. Too much shade can result in sparse fronds that appear lackluster, and too much sun can burn the fronds. For this reason, Boston fern is a good choice for a porch plant that receives filtered sun in the morning and afternoon shade.

Watering: The key to successfully growing a Boston fern is to keep the soil lightly moist—but not soggy—during the spring and summer when it is actively growing. This usually requires weekly waterings for indoor plants and more frequent waterings for those grown outside in warm environments. Regularly test the soil with your hand to dial in the right schedule. If the soil dries out, the fern’s foliage may quickly drop. During the fall and winter months, reduce watering to every other week, but make sure the fronds don't dry out during this period of dormancy.

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