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Blue Torch Cactus

Blue Torch Cactus

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The Blue Torch Cactus enjoys a well-draining soil mix. For best results, use a gritty medium that provides very good drainage. This Cactus grows well in hardiness zones 9b-11b and loves tropical temperatures. Don’t leave it alone in the freezing cold during winter, though. I suggest using burlap. Burlap protects the cacti while allowing air circulation to avoid winter rot and damage.

Light: Pilosocereus Azureus is a sun-loving cactus. In fact, they turn bluer and their spikes become golden orange in full sun. That’s 8 hours of direct sun without worrying about the nasty cacti sunburns!

However, if you’re growing your Blue Torch Cactus indoors, look for south or west-facing window to maximize sun exposure.

Watering: When it comes to watering Pilosocereus Azureus in a controlled environment like a landscape of planters, you need to remember one most important thing: water only when the soil is dry. You can use a soil moisture meter. These are devices that measure the volumetric water content in the soil. This can be bought online and some garden centers have them on their shelves as well. If you can’t get a hold of a soil moisture meter, you can simply use a stick or a toothpick or stick your finger on the soil. If it comes up muddy or wet, check again tomorrow or the next day.Some suggest keeping your Blue Torch dry during the winter but you can give it a few drinks especially when it’s getting soft and starting to wrinkle. It actively grows during summer so give it a little bit more water.

Soil: A plant that thrives in arid landscapes, Blue Torch cacti would grow well in a gritty medium that has very good drainage.You can pick up cacti soil mix from your local garden center or you can create your own soil mix. You can take 1 part potting soil or compost, 2 parts pumice or perlite, 1 part sand or gravel. 

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