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Blue Daze (Dwarf Morning Glory)

Blue Daze (Dwarf Morning Glory)

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The eye catching, brilliantly hued, true blue flowers of this sun loving plant create a striking accent in the landscape. Plant en masse for even greater effect. Blooms summer to fall atop silvery green leaves.

Perfect for a cascading hangs over the edge patio planter or window box. An herbaceous outdoor perennial for USDA Zones 9 to 11 only, grow as an annual in all other Zones and replace each year.

Drought tolerant, thriving in garden hot spots that threaten less sun tolerant plants. Grows 9 in. to 18 in. tall x 36 in. W, gradually forming a non aggressive, sprawling mound. Use as a border plant, ground cover, in hanging baskets or as a spiller in mixed containers.

  • Long time impactful garden favorite
  • Gorgeous true blue flowers atop gray green foliage
  • Non vining plant with a sprawling habit
  • Flowers bloom during the day, closing on cloudy days
  • Site in a hot sunny area
  • Grows best in fertile, well drained soil
  • Drought tolerant
  • Blooms best in full sun
  • Salt tolerant, good option for coastal gardens


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