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Autumn Fern

Autumn Fern

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This semi-evergreen fern has graceful arching fronds and adds a delicate texture to the overall composition of the plant. This plant grows 18” inches tall and 18” inches wide. The growth rate of this plant is medium, and its life expectancy is around 15 years if it grows under ideal conditions. The new fronds usually have a coppery or copper-red tint to them, but ultimately turn dark green when it reaches maturity. The rhizomes are branched out and thick, forming various crowns. It has funnel-shaped leaves, and the leaf stalks are lancet to linear-shaped, growing almost a third as long as the leaf.

Light: The Japanese Shield Fern loves to grow under full shade. It still tolerates short periods of the afternoon sun, but the intense sun will prove highly damaging to the plant. Make sure you place this plant in a shaded area.  These plants are hardy to USDA Hardiness Zones 5 through 9. It adjusts to winter zones and high humidity, but won’t survive high-temperature zones. Make sure to maintain the temperature between 60° – 85° degrees Fahrenheit (15° – 29° C).

Watering: This plant needs regular and deep watering, particularly during its initial growing period, to establish a healthy root system. Once established, keep an evenly moist soil with regular watering. Use lukewarm water for the best results. You may also mist the leaves with warm water to fasten the growth of young plants.While the plant doesn’t require much fertilizer, feed it with a small amount of slow-release fertilizer during the spring. 

This plant looks beautiful when grown as a groundcover, in a mass planting, woodland garden, urban garden, edging, cutting garden, container, or along the border. 

Some parts of this plant are known to be toxic to animals and humans. Make sure you wear gloves with handling the plant and grow it in an area where pets and children can’t reach it.

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