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Anthurium Pterodactyl

Anthurium Pterodactyl

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Anthurium 'Pterodactyl' is a dark velvet clarinervium hybrid that grows a unique leaf shape as it matures. The standard heart leaf transforms into a triangular, lobed shape that varies from plant to plant. While the true parentage is up for debate, our guess is that this plant is a cross between Anthurium clarinervium and Anthurium pedatoradiatum. No matter its origins, we're loving the plant's crystal veins and ease of care.

• Light: Medium to bright, indirect light
• Water: Water thoroughly when the top 1" or so of soil dries out.
• Considerations: This plant can't handle too many hours of direct sunlight. A little extra humidity will help the leaves grow big and healthy. Keep away from heating/AC vents and drafty locations. Use an airy mix when repotting.

Terracotta planter does not come with the plant. The plant arrives in plastic growers pot.

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