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Aloe Safari Sunrise

Aloe Safari Sunrise

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The Safari Sunrise Aloe is a twist on the traditional Aloe that people know and love! This variety reblooms stalks topped with orange-pink and cream-white flowers from summer and into winter. These blooms sit atop blue-green, thin succulent leaves. Gardeners in USDA Zones 9 -11 can plant these beauties right in the ground. Meanwhile, gardeners in USDA Zones 8 and below should grow their plants in a container and bring them inside once freezing weather rolls around. Then, as spring returns, bring them back outside. They have a naturally clumping growth habit and these clumps will reach 1-1.5 feet tall and up to 3 feet wide at maturity. Each individual plant in the clump will send up its own bloom stalks. Therefore, over time you'll develop numerous plants in each clump that send up dozens and dozens of blooms yearly. Plant them in Full Sun for best results. They prefer average quality garden soil with good drainage. They have low water requirements, however, water them about 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. These Aloe plants are well-established in 2.5-quart (aka #1 or trade 1-gallon) pots. They are not guaranteed to be in bloom on arrival.


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