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Alocasia Mickey Mouse (Xanthosoma Variegata Mickey Mouse)

Alocasia Mickey Mouse (Xanthosoma Variegata Mickey Mouse)

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A truly one-of-a kind rare houseplant.
Also known as Alocasia Xanthosoma Variegata, Mickey Mouse is a rare plant that belongs to the Alocasia, or Elephant Ear, family. Its large, lobed leaves with streaks of variegation tend to resemble Mickey Mouse!

With wide, deep-green leaves and unique light-green and cream variegation, Mickey Mouse is an ideal centerpiece for your indoor plant collection. In tropical climates, it can also be planted outdoors, where it can grow up to 6 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. It’s worth noting that no two leaves of this plant are the same — each leaf has its own unique patterns, adding to its beauty.

Light: The Alocasia Mickey Mouse is a variegated plant which means that it needs more light that similar plants with solid green leaves. What this means is that it cannot tolerate as much low light as the those with all green foliage. Therefore, you want to avoid low light as much as possible. If you leave it there, you’ll notice that it will slowly lose its variegations depending on how little light there is. As such, the ideal lighting for the Alocasia Mickey Mouse is medium to bright, indirect light. This means a well-lit location in any room works well. And if you don’t get  a lot of natural light, you can supplement it with artificial lighting as well. On the other hand, too much light is likewise bad for the Alocasia Mickey Mouse. That’s because the plant has poor tolerance to direct sunlight especially that during mid-day and summer when the sun is the hottest. If you leave the plant in intense light, its leaves will become pale. Even worse, the intensity could scorch the leaves and cause brown burn marks on the foliage.

Watering: How often you water the Alocasia Mickey Mouse will depend on where you live, how much light you give it, the kind of soil it is in and the time of year among other things. Always check the soil to know when to water the plant. You can do this by sticking your finger into the soil down about 2-3 inches deep from the surface. If the soil at that depth is completely dry, it is time to water. If there is any bit of wetness or the soil still feels moist at that level, wait 2 days then test again. The reason is that like other aroids, the Alocasia Mickey Mouse is susceptible to overwatering. If the soil stays wet or there’s too much water, the plant will suffer.

While very beautiful, the Alocasia Mickey Mouse is toxic. So, keep children and pets away. 

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