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Alocasia Lauterbachiana, Purple Sword

Alocasia Lauterbachiana, Purple Sword

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The adorning Alocasia Lauterbachiana is an easy-to-care-for house plant. To help them look and feel their best, you need to ensure your plant’s temperature and humidity requirements are met and that they are placed in bright indirect sunlight.

Also known as Purple Sword or Elephant Ear, this tropical plant has long, spear-shaped, dark greenish-purple leaves with scalloped edges and reddish hues that are incredibly beautiful.

With their large leaves and interesting coloration, these evergreen plants are a unique Alocasia variety. Moreover, each leaf can grow as long as two feet, making them a must-have for any household for its beauty, shape, and size.

Alocasia’s thrive best in well-draining loose, loamy soil and should only be watered once the soil is dry. They also prefer humid temperatures, so an occasional misting every now and then will leave you with a happy plant. 

Light: Lauterbanchiana plants thrive best in bright, indirect light. The ideal location for your Alocasia is in the brightest place of your house. Long hours in direct sunlight can burn the plant’s delicate leaves, while too little sun can hinder its growth.

Watering: Elephant Ear Lauterbanchiana plants like to be watered frequently; they prefer to be kept moist but not left to soak. A good rule of thumb is to allow the top third of the soil to dry out between watering’s during their active growth period. During the winter, Lauterbachiana Alocasias go through a dormancy period and will require less frequent watering’s. When you’re watering your Alocasia Elephant Ear, ensure the soil is well-drained of any excess water (a pot with drainage holes is essential here).

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