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Variegated Algerian Ivy

Variegated Algerian Ivy

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Algerian ivy is a sturdy, shade-loving plant that makes a reliable and attractive ground cover. It is low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of climates and soil conditions. Algerian ivy has both variegated varieties and solid dark green, but the variegated is much more common. The variegated leaves have a glossy, lustrous texture and bold dramatic coloring including shades of dark green, pale green, silvery grey, and creamy white, with a marbled appearance, making Hedera algeriensis popular with home gardeners and garden designers.

Unlike other ground cover ivy, Algerian ivy is salt tolerant and can be used in coastal landscapes.

Light: This ground cover will grow best in partial shade to partial sun. Its color contrast will be strongest in a location with ample indirect light, but it can be grown in shady areas and beneath trees also. Avoid full sun to avoid the leaves getting crisped in summer. If the location is too shady, Algerian ivy may scramble quickly to get a bit more light.

Watering: This ivy is drought tolerant, but in warmer zones, it should be grown where it won't dry out in full sun. It doesn't generally need extra watering, but some gardeners find the colors are more vibrant if it has steady moisture. During an unusually dry spring, regular watering will help generate spring growth sooner.

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