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Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) "Sparkling Sarah"

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) "Sparkling Sarah"

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Are you looking for a houseplant that can tolerate almost any indoor condition? Ranking high on the “easy care houseplant” list, the Aglaonema makes a perfect office plant because it tolerates low light, but also grows well in bright spots and tolerates fluorescent lighting. The Chinese evergreen starts out small enough to fit on desks and tabletops, and will remain there for a while because it’s a slow-growing plant. However, over time it will get big and end up becoming a floor plant.

Light: Aglaonema can tolerate low light, but the variegated ones will maintain their luster in medium to bright, indirect sunlight. They should never be placed in direct sunlight. They can grow under fluorescent lighting, making them ideal for offices and interior low-light spaces.

Watering: Water as needed in the growing season (spring through summer), and water less frequently in the winter. Chinese evergreen located in lower light areas should be watered less often; indoor plants placed in brighter spots will require more frequent watering. These plants don’t like being soggy, so wait until the top two inches of soil is dry, and then water thoroughly. Never let the roots sit in standing water; ensure the pot has proper drainage.

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