Adding Pineapple Plant to your living space

Adding Pineapple Plant to your living space

Our Pineapple Plants are thriving and growing and soon we will be ready to be used for Pina Coladas!

The Pineapple Plant is a part of the Bromeliad family, which mainly thrive in the tropical Americas. This herbaceous perennial has long sword-like leaves growing in a spiral around a central stem. Each pineapple plant will produce one flower stalk and, consequently, one pineapple fruit. These tropicals can be propagated from four areas of the plant. 

While commercial pineapple cultivation occurs primarily in tropical regions, you too can grow pineapple plants in the garden, and it’s easy! Growing pineapples really is very simple.

Due to their tough leaves, they lose little water through evaporation. They have small root systems like other bromeliads, and are not fussy about the quality or quantity of their soil. It is because of this, they make excellent container grown plants, especially nice for those of us whose climate is less than tropical. If you do live in a warmer region, growing pineapple plants in the garden is a match made in heaven.

Another interesting fact about Pineapple Plan is noted in NASA studies to improve air quality by pumping out quality oxygen. 

Pineapple Plants are great these Spaces:

  • Rooms with bright light (southern exposure)
  • Spaces with high humidity environments or climates
  • Areas that stay between 68°F and 85°F

If you always wanted to add some tropical feel to your living space, it's a perfect time to do so!



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